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Steve Emerson-Albuquerque NM

Railfan-New Mexico

The Prototype
The Santa Fe Railroad pursued rebuild programs that produced unique locomotives. One locomotive to emerge from the Cleburne shops was a modified U23B rebuilt into a 3000hp SF30B model designation numbered 7200. The Santa Fe cancelled the remaining U23B rebuild program due to the closure of the Cleburne shops, but upgraded a small group of B23-7 into SF30B's without the body modifications. These B23-7 upgrades were indentified with "3000HP" stenciled under the engine number on the side of the cabs. The prototype photos that I took for reference were taken in Belen Yard that I frequented in the 90's when it was friendly to railfan.

The Model
In 1990 I constructed a SF30B based on the old Athearn U33B wide body, which was the only shell available at the time. The current project depicted in the photos is based on an Atlas U23B that has the correct body width, but underwent major walkway, tank, and body modifications to capture the appearance of the prototype.

QStation SF30B

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