the ATSF in action

All photographs taken by Steve Emerson

QLANY East, meets QALLA West-Belen yard 4-94

SLBCH 222 East, West of Dalies NM 7-95

SCHLA 683 West, Willard NM 6-94

Hot 991 Sports Fairly New -840BW'sElephant Style 7-92

991 523 East, outracing S-LAAL 842 East. East of Encino NM 6-94

Q-LANY Eastrushes past the S-CHLA West at Bodega NM 7-93

3815 West meets a East bound at Yeso NM 6-94

Q-LAWS 120 East, waits for stack train to clear single main at Mountainair NM 6-93

West-bound stack train at Dalies NM 7-93

Q-ALLA 218 West, just west of Dalies NM 7-95
Westbound stack train at Laguna NM 5-92

Eastbound pig train acsending from Abo canyon at Scholle NM 6-93

Eastbound pig train acsending from Abo canyon meets westbound at Scholle NM 10-93

Eastbound QLANY entering west end of Abo Canyon

New westbound SD75M arriving in Belen yard-NM

Westbound stack train at Broncho NM

Eastbound hotshot overtaking autoracks, Madrone NM

Eastbound arriving at Belen NM

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