System Track Plan

The concept of the track plan was designed to run modern Santa Fe mainline freight trains, running between Los Angeles and Chicago. This main line runs through New Mexico with a crew change and 1000 mile inspection stop in Belen New Mexico. Construction began in 1994, with the idea of these Santa Fe trains running across my division, the "E Division" on the Transcontenental Mainline. Most of these trains are piggyback, double stack and autorack intermodal trains, with the occasional coal and manifest trains. On average, most trains are about 20 to 28 feet long. There are local switch trains that go out on the mainline and switch industries around the layout. Two mainline trains circum-navigate the layout, running opposit directions on double main trackage. Trackage consist of Atlas code 83 flex track with 53 #6 turnouts and a few #8 turnouts. Double Mainline trackage is about 300' long, with the yard and sidings included, total track length is about 550'. All curved radii is 34 and 36 inches. There are two reverse direction interchanges, so that trains can change origination and destination schedules. The "E Division" is housed in a 16' x 24' building.