SPSF Merger
All photographs taken by Steve Emerson

Photo's taken in the years of 1985-1988

Belen Derick is lifting SF30C-9544 to change a ceased traction motor. Belen NM>

East bound 991 train entering west end of Abo Canyon>

East bound 991 rounding the curves at Kaiser NM>

East-bound Pig train exit east side of Abo Canyon-Scholle NM>

West-bound pig train about to enter Abo Canyon-Scholle NM>

West-bound P-189 approaching Ft. Sumpter NM>

East-bound Manifest crossing the Pecos River at Ft. Sumpter NM>

West-bound 844 decending the west slope of Raton Pass>

West-bound 844 in Raton NM>

Q-PHDV in Trinadad Co.>

East-bound pig train arriving at Belen NM

West-bound intermodal train approaching Mountainair NM

Meet at Ecino NM

Over powered east-bound approaching Abo Canyon

East-bound arriving at Belen NM


East-bound at Negra NM

Westbound meet at Madron NM

Roster shot of GP-40X

Roster shot of SDF-45

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